BDA Conference & AGM 2019

Date: Saturday 26th January 2019
Address: Cannon Hill Park, Queen's Ride, Birmingham B12 9QH
Time: 9am-6pm

Introducing Mission: Reboot

It’s that time again! The annual BDA meeting. At an Annual General Meeting it is one of the BDA’s many opportunities to explain to its members, face to face, how the organisation has been doing financially and, also whether the organisation is going the way the members want it to be doing. Legally, we have to have an annual general meeting every year, but we love doing this because we see it as an annual celebration of the work of our members, volunteers and staff.

This year we have decided to have a theme to reflect the new era of the BDA. The theme is a bit of a throwback to the days of the Missioners who ruled the BDA since it was established in 1890. The Missioners did tremendous work for Deaf people in those days. Over the years we have seen changes and challenges within the Deaf community and many threats to our language, culture and community.

We - The Board of Trustees in inviting you to YOUR meeting. Come and join us in pressing the Mission: Reboot button on Saturday 26th January 2019.

AGM followed by a talk designed to reboot our pride in our beautiful language, culture and community by a long-standing BDA member – Dr Paddy Ladd. There will be opportunities to contribute your thoughts and views in proposals by the new Board to take the BDA into the future with a new Vision. This will be led by you – the BDA members. We are going to be rebooting the BDA and getting it ready for the future and we cannot do this without you.

6 workshops in the afternoon - After Dr Paddy Ladd’s inspiring talk on Deafhood, there will be a chance to reflect and catch up with friends over lunch. The real work from you, the members, will be after lunch where we have a series of workshops to suit everyone with the aim of rebooting ourselves and the BDA.


We have limited spaces for exhibitions – they will be standing in the entrance hall (foyer) between the café and bar. Come and have a look around at the registration and at lunchtime.

Remember the MAC is open to the public as well – conference is upstairs.

The exhibitions will be busy while we are in the conference. Good business for them.

If you not registered – please register online

Activities for Youth

Of course, we all know that we have to have fun while we are busy debating the future of the BDA. We have activities for both deaf and hearing children all day.



Food & Entertainment

9-10 Free tea/coffee upon arrival throughout registration (no break through the AGM & Paddy Ladd’s talk)

Parkrun (free); starts at 9am outside the back entrance to MAC – the runners need to be there at 8.30am for a short briefing then they start running at 9am. You need to be registered with parkrun before the day and bring your barcode – for more info please contact

Exhibitions in the entrance hall between café and bar

Buy own lunch & drinks at the MAC café or bar food – You only have one and half hour to get the food before the workshops. Be warned the café & bar is open to the public too. You have the option to pre-book your lunch. Best to get food first and then you can chat.

Another tea break between the workshops

Socialise & stay at the bar after the conference

Evening Entertainment

From 6pm there is a social evening at the MAC bar.

MAC regularly have subtitled films at MAC – Please check for details soon.

Introducing the Venue …

We are delighted to welcome you all to Birmingham for the BDA’s 129th AGM. We have chosen this venue because we felt it was important that we have this meeting and conference in a family friendly venue. The Midlands Arts Centre is a local charity that runs this fabulous building that has a cinema, conference rooms, bar (great for our socialising) and is accessible for transport with train, bus and parking within its doorstep. There are also local hotels that you can stay in.


We will have the BDA’s first ever Park Run on Saturday morning in the park next door to the MAC. You can run/walk - it is fun. Be there before 8.30am You will see that we have tried to cater for everyone.


Our Attendees