Deaf Awareness Week is an annual event that aims to raise awareness about the Deaf community, our language, culture, and history.

It is a time to celebrate Deaf identity, promote Deaf culture, and advocate for equal access to communication and services for the Deaf and hard of hearing. This week-long event provides an opportunity for individuals and organisations to come together and support the Deaf community, learn about their experiences, and work towards a more inclusive and accessible society.

Deaf Awareness Week is a time to celebrate diversity, promote understanding, and build a more inclusive world for all.

  • Access to Communication
  • Inclusive Education
  • BSL - an indigenous language of Great Britain
  • Thriving in the workplace with no barriers
  • Full access to healthcare in BSL
  • Older Deaf people receive equitable, inclusive and accessible social care
  • Full integration of Deafblind people into the Deaf community and wider society