The British Deaf Association (BDA) Complaints Procedure is designed to address any specific concerns our customers, members and clients have that relate to the quality of service provided by the BDA and BDA staff.


The BDA encourages people to raise Concerns, compliment or comment so that we can learn from them and improve our service/s.

Examples of possible complaints

  • A letter written to the BDA has not been acknowledged or replied to.
  • A member of staff is felt to be rude and offensive during the course of their work
  • A customer feels that the BDA has failed to carry out what it promised

The procedures set out below explains how you can make a complaint about the quality of our services. Please note that there are separate complaints procedures in place for any dealings with health and social care organisations outlined below.

How do I make a complaint against the British Deaf Association?

All formal complaints should be in writing or recorded video message.  Please provide as much information as possible along with contact details, such as your name, telephone number and postal address.  We will handle any personal data you provide in accordance with the Data Protection Regulations. Please send your written or video complaint (via WeTransfer) to

In all cases the BDA will:

  • acknowledge receipt of your complaint within 5 working days.
  • treat your complaint in a confidential manner
  • refer your complaint to the relevant Manager
  • carry out a thorough investigation
  • aim to provide a written reply to your complaint with a full explanation of the outcome of our investigations within 20 working days and, where this is not possible, let you know when a reply can be expected
  • let you know what we have done to put things right

Step 1.

Our aim is to resolve any complaint quickly and you are invited initially to bring any matter of concern to the attention of the staff member with whom you have been dealing.

They will hold a simple face-to-face meeting or via skype.  This meeting should be held within one calendar month of you making a complaint.

Step 2.

If you still feel dissatisfied after this approach, you may initiate a formal complaint in writing or by video message to the staff member’s manager.

Step 3.

If all else fails and you are still not satisfied then you can write or video message to the Chief Executive Officer who will decide whether or not to convene the Complaints Review Panel.

  • If the Chief Executive Officer does not feel that the matter should be resolved by the Panel, then a letter should be written outlining why within twenty working days bringing the complaint to a close.
  • If a panel is required, this will be convened within thirty days of the complainant requesting step 3.
  • When the panel has reviewed the complaint, the decision will be sent by written letter within 15 days.

The panel’s decision is final.

Making a complaint about top management in the department

If you are making a complaint is about a senior manager, Chair or board member you can write to or video message:

Person Complaint About

Report to

Senior Manager Chief Executive Officer
Chief Executive Officer Chair BDA Board
Trustee of the BDA Board Chair BDA Board
Chair BDA Board Chief Executive Officer