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We want A Sign Language History of the
Deaf Community in Northern Ireland

In 2008, the BDA NI produced a DVD called ‘Signs of Our Times’ which was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

When the DVD was released it was widely dispersed and well-received, being shared firstly through the Northern Ireland and Ireland Deaf communities, and then later with the UK Deaf community. The video clips in the DVD ensures that our unique heritage and culture can be remembered and made available for future generations to enjoy.

With thanks to our funder Department for Communities, the BDA NI has been given the opportunity to revisit this project, to convert all video clips and to make them available on the BDA website for more people to access and view.
The way it used to be... SIGNS OF OUR TIMES

Facebook During March, we had a chat with members of the community about the themes featured on BDA's Signs of our Times DVD and how they compare to their own experiences of growing up in Northern Ireland.

Filmed over 4 sessions, we chatted with guests about everything from education and Deaf clubs, to relationships and sports.
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