Every week, the BDA helps hundreds of Deaf people from across the UK to overcome the daily difficulties experienced as a result of their Deafness, but the reality is that we simply could not do much of this work without your support and donations.

The following examples are just some of the ways of the BDA could use your donation to make a difference:

£10 could pay for the costs of a Deaf child to participate fully in a Deaf Roots & Pride activity session, providing them with opportunities to socialise with other Deaf children, often for the first time.

£20 could pay for a Deaf person to receive a 1-1 support from a trained advocate, enabling them to remove barriers and access services in the same way as a hearing person.

£100 could pay for 5 hours of mentoring support for a vulnerable Deaf child from a trained Deaf role model, helping the child to build a positive and empowering outlook and changing “can’t do” to “can do.”

£500 could pay for a group information session in BSL for 20 Deaf people to learn how to overcome barriers in engaging with service providers.

£1,000 could pay for the recording, editing and publishing of a BDA BSL information video providing accessible information on key topics on the BDA’s website that Deaf people have told us are important to them.

£2,500 could pay for a 20 week Signing At Home course for the hearing family of a Deaf child, promoting the inclusion of Deaf child at the very heart of family life and decision-making.



The BDA truly values the support of all of its donors, no matter how large or small your contribution, and you can donate easily and securely in one of several ways

Making a one-off or recurring donation using the button above.

Online via Just Giving
You can also use our Just Giving Page to make one-off donations.

By Cheque
Please make your cheque payable to British Deaf Association and please complete the Gift Aid form if you are tax payer and send to the following address:

British Deaf Association
356 Holloway Road
London N7 6PA

If you are sending sponsorship money which you have fundraised from an event, please print off and follow the instructions in the Sending your Money Form and send in with a copy of your Sponsorship Form.

Please do not under any circumstances send cash donations in the post and thank you so much for your support.